Mark & Cathi {1.11.03} here’s to another 100 yrs

On this day in 2003, I married my best friend.

A wedding planned 1200 miles away by my future mother-in-law and 2 hired wedding planners was the backdrop for a long awaited memory. Four and a half years of dating and 14 months betrothal was certainly the greatest test for two star-crossed lovers – but we made it.
When the clock struck 7 o’clock, I was down the aisle, looking into the eyes of my future. We didn’t know exactly what this future would hold, but we did know that we were more than ready to get to the holding part!
Well, we did it! We’re looking back at 7 years and looking forward to another 100.
Mark, you are my beloved, my best friend, my lover…yep, you’re my favorite.
Here’s to us!


Clayville & Stegall = CLAYGALL

Over New Year weekend, Mark & I went to Portland and stayed with Brian, Jenni, Chance & Paxton. We sat around the dinner table and just let the camera roll.

He said and she said videos are available for your entertainment and education (not really)…

First… SHE SAID (starring Cathi & Jenni):

Now… HE SAID (starring Brian & Mark):