Clayville & Stegall = CLAYGALL

Over New Year weekend, Mark & I went to Portland and stayed with Brian, Jenni, Chance & Paxton. We sat around the dinner table and just let the camera roll.

He said and she said videos are available for your entertainment and education (not really)…

First… SHE SAID (starring Cathi & Jenni):

Now… HE SAID (starring Brian & Mark):


10 thoughts on “Clayville & Stegall = CLAYGALL

  1. woman… it’s “WITTY”!!!

    i’m so glad we kept the camera rolling when we thought we had nothing going on in this video. it was full of ridiculous!

    • to be completely honest, that’s my favorite part too! The faces – holy crow! I didn’t realize how much the two of us communicated w/ just our eyes…wow!
      glad you enjoyed it too, ed!

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