a dead dog and a pea

Well, here [we] are. Blogging.
Who would’a thought?
There was indeed an unquestionably long and moderately undefined hiatus of sorts – and I do believe the initial intention to let this what-appears-to-be-sleeping-but-is-probably-dead dog lie has been mildly thwarted by other divine purposes. This stegall’s eggo is preggo.
Therefore, the scope of this here weblog will officially change from here until the arrival of the unnamed kiddo we’ve affectionately named “Steeglette”.
*Note: I am making no promises on frequency of posts, for I’m not even sure of the frequency of my own bladder. Things are uncertain around these parts, and I imagine they will continue to be for the next 18yrs or so.
& the epitome of navel gazing” will focus on keeping friends and family, who live states, continents, oceans, and possibly galaxies away (yeah, I’m a dreamer), both overly informed and at times distinctly annoyed.
One small caveat, please be aware that one of my absolute and unreserved pet peeves of pregnant women and mothers alike is the presumed loss of their own identity once a pea is in the proverbial pod. I, for one, am still an individual, a woman, a friend, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a stinking huge fan of the # 3. I am me…and I’ve been knocked up…and that makes me happy. So, when you don’t see many updates about just me…it’s because I don’t feel like it. So I suppose I’m also entitled.
So, welcome .


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