tonight’s pregnodrama | 1 of many

bought groceries.
drove home queazie.
barfed in mark’s car.
tossed barf bag in dumpster.
locked keys in said car. with purse. with groceries.
Mark leaves class & comes to the rescue.
back door of the car…is unlocked.


17 thoughts on “tonight’s pregnodrama | 1 of many

  1. My friend that sounds like something I’d do not pregnant.

    Also cause I’m feeling lazy and don’t feel like hitting send comment on this one then clicking and clicking to get to our post from earlier. I’m glad that you’re still you. That the bun in the oven hasn’t changed your YOU DNA.

  2. I won’t disclose the number of times I’ve done that. sans the barfing. and my car doesn’t have back doors.
    I’m sure my road service company has red-flagged my file 🙂

    oh, and I’m glad you’re blogging again!

  3. oh sweet girl! i’m with prudy — with my fuzzy brain, that’s something i’d totally do without even being pregnant!

    such a crappy day though, i know… i’m sorry heart’s friend. hugging you tightly.

    • oh, but it’s great to have something to blame it on now!!!

      and you know what, heart’s friend, i feel the hug – you’re the bestest.

      i’d say it’s time for a cap-less night-cap. wanna come over and snuggle!!!

  4. AWESOME!!!!

    When I was pg I would put milk in the cupboard OFTEN only to be found by Jake later. Nice.

    I also would be standing and holding a glass and then BAM…it would just fall out of my hand. Dang loose pregnancy joints! haha!

    Looking forward to pregnodrama! Even though you probably aren’t. haha! 😉

    • yeah…had I been blogging earlier, I’d write how I’d be in the middle of a conversation with a patient, started the oh-my-glory-i’m-gonna-barf moments, and kindly asked him to leave my office.

      however…I thought this “stage” was over at 13wks – how is this fair? EVE!!!!

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