pregnodrama 3 | indirect heating

I made pasta.
yay me.
Although, one may note that it is difficult to bring the water to a boil when it is on the wrong burner.



4 thoughts on “pregnodrama 3 | indirect heating

  1. And its all down hill from here…the brain farts, the sleep deprivation, the loss of fashion sense. But in the end it is all so worth it when you get to hold that sweet baby in your arms the first time. God bless you and keep you.

    • these brief moments of perspective amidst the moments of insanity are like the soft belly of a porcupine – hard to get to, but nice if you can find it! 😉
      thanks pamela! what fun this is going to be!!!!

    • and THAT my friend was not indirect heating, that was direct blasphemy…I’ve been in your very kitchen when such instances have happened.

      although, i was also the one cooking, drove away, and forgot to set the timer…so, we’re even

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