sweet 16

hey baby steeglette, you’re 16 this week. i don’t really know what all that entails, but your daddy just said that I’m beautiful. So, I’m going to leave it at that.

While I’m busy swooning, preoccupy yourself w/ knowing what’s happening in [our] world this week:

  • cravings: potatoes. any form. any kind. potatoes. now.
  • aversions: those atrocious hats with pompoms on top…worn by adults. not cool. no other known aversions.
  • added inches to the precious waistline: 9.5″ shut up.
  • loverly people saying not so loverly statements: “looks like you’re due any day now…oh…I’m sorry”
  • loverly people saying loverly things: after I told a patient that we’re waiting to find out your gender until you arrive, he says, “you don’t know if you’re having a boy or a girl, so you’re having a happy!”

we love you already. now put those newly developed finger nails to good use and scratch my back.


10 thoughts on “sweet 16

    • nope. nope he hasn’t.
      I’ve threatened to shove skittles up his nose if I end up weighing more than him. So, either, he needs to put his face in the cookies or I need to lay off the potatoes.
      cookies please!

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