let’s talk about $EX, baby!

So…the ubiquitous question lurks. “What are you having/when will you find out/is it a boy or a girl?”

Albeit vague, I genuinely provide the answer to the inquisitive party. “We’re waiting until we see it […fyi, that’s you, kiddo] for ourselves” and typically follow that with our brief theoretical approach to this conclusion “there are so few surprises left in life; we’re taking all we can get!”

Then, there are those who choose to persist and win the perseveringly tenacious award that is shaped like a never-ending-gobstopper in a car wash… “What do you WANT to have?”

I have chosen to candidly respond, “a panda”.

So, if you end up emerging with a furry belly and craving eucalyptus…uhhh…my bad.


7 thoughts on “let’s talk about $EX, baby!

  1. I like panda’s. Oh and swallow a ball, so “Lil” Steeglette will have something to play with while listening to your jibberish. Luv u ooh sooo!

  2. I used to answer the “what do you want” question with “a giraffe. They’re up and standing and feeding themselves within an hour”

    And, to be painfull (and becasue I’m twitching over it) Pandas eat bamboo. Koalas eat eucalyptus. sooo… you could have a Kanda… or a Poala… that would be cute… 😀

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