A word for the wise…shut it.

I have had many-a-wonderful understanding persons grace my ever-growing presence. Although, little one, I must share that there is one individual in particular who has chosen to give me a piece of her mind with nearly every single encounter

& for your bathroom reading pleasure…

You should stop wearing heels. You’re killing your back.

Don’t drink that tap water. Get yourself a filter for your office.

That microwave is on. Go into another room; it will hurt the baby.

You should really lay off the potatoes.

So, little steeglette, according to aforementioned geyser of unsolicited knowledge, your momma is going to be quite the fatty w/ a broken back, and you, sadly, are a child-turned-Cyclopes, who has a tail and antlers.

Thank you. And good night.


4 thoughts on “A word for the wise…shut it.

    • i’d like to take the opportunity to finish that sentence…

      some people…
      need to suck it.
      should find an old wooden cellar door and use it at a sliding board.
      …and the list goes on…


  1. wow, that is really special…
    sometimes i feel like running around, screaming at the top of my lungs, “back off people!!!! the hormones are raging today!” i mean really??!! don’t tell me how to eat, what to wear, what is good/bad for baby. if i want your advice, i’ll ask, i promise. what is it about an enlarging abdomen that makes people feel you need to hear their advice and let them touch your belly–both of which are typically unrequested… geez, people! back the crap up!

    on a lighter note, i so enjoy your blogs, dearie. you’re such an adorable pregnant woman!

    • ha!
      you are so right…although, i actually like the belly touches. however, i haven’t had the complete stranger touching my belly encounter yet…yet.

      the bloggage was a resurrection recommended by one of my besties out here. I wasn’t going to do this, but she convinced me it was a good log for the kiddo once it’s touched ground and a fun memory…so here we are 🙂

      Hoping your enjoying the last few weeks of pregnancy – can’t wait to see that princess of yours!!!!

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