week 22 | our sleepy alien

hello steeglette – alrighty, so honesty prevails, and this momma says that these 3D ultrasounds still freak me out quite a bit. You still have the turtle-without-a-shell manifestation about you. Nevertheless, we love you, our sleepy little alien!

we also got a more accurate date of appearance…looks like you have yet another week added to your percolation time. You’re 22wks and due to be air breathing June 5…this is per the specialists, and since they’re special, I believe them.

10 thoughts on “week 22 | our sleepy alien

    • we were in luck w/ today’s visit b/c the ultrasound needed calibrating, so they used steeglette as their guinea pig – we had a 1.5hr scan! So stinkin fun!!!!

      You’re gonna see your tori baby in just a few more weeks!!!! I’m so thrilled for you, linds!

  1. Squee! I was contemplating the 3D/4D thing until I got a leaflet outlining the price for one in Northern Ireland. Gulp. Here, take an internal organ in part payment. 😉

    So far bub is sticking to schedule, but we’ll see what the craic is on week 20 & my next scan. Imagine…you’ll have a 2 month old by the time our spud makes an appearance! That just makes me miss you more, though.

    BTW, #steeglette definitely has your mouth.

    • awwww…i love hearing how you see steeglette – it’s amazing that it already has the characteristics that it will have for it’s entire life!
      Our 3D/4D scans are just a part of the high risk piece so they can monitor the heart throughout the pregnancy and development…so there are some perks to this craziness after all 🙂

      Our little ones will be modern-day pen pals, I am certain!!!!!

      love you, my irish twin!

  2. Hi there; long time no talk. Don’t know if you even remember me 🙂 but just wanted to say praise the Lord and congratulations on your pregnancy! You look beautiful and your steeglette is absolutely gorgeous. When I was pregnant our ob-gyn did 3d ultrasounds for free everytime I had my visit so we got lots of interesting views on him 🙂 Praying for strength and peace for the remainder of your pregnancy and a stress-free delivery. Love and blessings!

      Thanks for the love and encouragement – we’re so excited for this little amazing piece of creation to grace our presence – it’s certainly a test of patience to wait 9+mos to get there!
      blessings beyond for you, my friend!

  3. i suddenly have the urge to nickname your alien ET, which is EXACTLY what my now-gorgeous niece Anna looked like when she was born. she had this long wrinkly neck and her mama was not happy with us that first day when we nicknamed her. luckily, everything settled in by day two and she was just the gorgeous creature we now know her to be. but i kinda liked her as ET. she had character 🙂

    • GO FOR IT!!!
      I’m not opposed to the idea that I’m pretty sure my kid will look like an alien for the first few months of air-breathing time.
      I certainly hope I won’t be too delusional to recognize truth when I see it.

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