week 22.2 | a pregnancy PSA…

I’m tired [shocker]. So, this here is the best you’re gonna get. Take it or leave it, but it’s not a Letterman top 10 for certain…

  • Baking time: 22wks
  • cravings: nearly gone…heartburn has replaced cravings – no complaints here, my beee-hind is quite appreciative.
  • aversions: onions. on my sandwich OR yours.
    Pregnancy PSA: Secondary bad breath can kill, people.
  • added inches to the precious waistline: 11.5″ – how does that even happen?
  • Lessons learned: registering is a necessary evil

6 thoughts on “week 22.2 | a pregnancy PSA…

    • well, my friend – i am quite convinced that pj pants were a part of the garden of eden.
      if i could find a way to wear them to work and maintain my credibility, I would!!!!!

      you, my dear, are my superhero!

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