Week 25 | what is…and what’s to come

A lack of updates should allude that there has been a lack of time. Let me help you interpret this a bit more effectively: Lack of energy. ENERGY, little steeglette. Good heavens. I believe a hibernating sloth at nap time watching Ross the Painting guy on PBS has a larger capacity of stamina than this round woman (aka, your momma) does.

So, I’ve been enlightened recently that your daddy-O and my current habits are in for a quote-rude-awakening come D-day.

This little piggy went to the market: You see…today, I went grocery shopping – the first time in almost 4wks. We have found a way to eat, no worries…trust me. I can find food faster than a pre-pubescent girl finds teen spirit. Apparently, we’ll have to make more regular stops at the so-called market once you’re air-breathing.

Wash me white as oh-no: Currently, the Stegall’s laundry day is every 7 days. We predict this by the amount of undershirts your Daddy-O has left and our rather glorious fondness and affinity for clean-sheet day. Oh how we love everything encapsulated by the beautiful effervescence of clean-sheet day.

Open eyes on Saturday morning is equivalent to pure blasphemy: I do not believe I need to embellish. Child, we will need to work very hard at teaching you the importance of Saturday-Sleep-In-Day. This is a weekly holiday we as a family MUST observe.

Otherwise, we’ll be just fine. Just fine. No apprehensively shaken voice here. We’ll be fine.

So, week 25 holds the following numbers for our time of growth:

  • Baking time: 25wks
  • cravings: cake. Just ask your auntie tammy…this is fierce, steeglette. Banana bread w/ pineapple is my healthy concept of cake. And in that instance, this is not a perversion, but it is a rather tasty embellishment.
  • aversions: onions. this has not changed from prior weeks. I will stand by this quite strongly.
  • added inches to the precious waistline: 13″ – and that, my little lamb, is the devil’s number.
  • Lessons learned: rib pain is not synonymous to hunger pangs for bbq. no. it is not.

8 thoughts on “Week 25 | what is…and what’s to come

  1. girl, i craved cake and cupcakes more than i care to admit–i can sympathize.
    and for the record, you look beautiful–such a cute lil’ round belly! 🙂 you’re carrying that little one perfectly

    • Oh love, can i keep you forever???? I somehow lost my collar bones and gained an extra chin in this process…all for the love of babes.

      I certainly hope I look half as stellar as you did! My glory, you are stunning.

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