Week 28 | What’s love got to do w/ it?

Hey kiddo, so we found out today that you are officially a human. Previous ultrasounds had us quite speculative. You had the tracings of either an alien, an ant, or a turtle…but it was confirmed at the dr’s today…Hey Geppetto, we’re having a real kiddo!

  • Baking time: 28wks
  • cravings: Fruit. All things fruit. Your Neena made the most delectable fruit salad when we visited her house last week…I believe I may have turned you into a strawberry temporarily, but no worries. You’re normal. I think.
  • aversions: airplanes. After a 12.5hr day flying from the atlantic ocean to the pacific, if anyone so happens to even MENTION the floating leaded wasteland, I’ll teach them why pregnant women shouldn’t carry guns.
  • added inches to the precious waistline: 14″ – which I understand to be the same length as you are right now, so I’m a little less bitter knowing that nugget of truth. A little.
  • Lessons learned: “The moments may go by slowly but the years, they fly!”