Week 31.5 | classic wondering through my mental drippings

Hello my ninja child.  I’ve been trying to imagine what life is like in that little personal utopian lagoon of yours.

Therefore, consider yourself privy to my most recent mental drippings…

I wonder…if you’ve had secret in utero lessons from Mr. Miyagi, b/c your kickboxing skills can make this momma wince as though there was a sick substitution from holding a popsicle to licking a high-voltage battery. Well done, grasshopper.

I wonder…what do you experience when momma tosses her proverbial (or not) cookies? Are you enjoying the roller coaster or does the sound of the rapidly stampeding exit of granola & yogurt make you want reach your hand through my belly button and flip me the bird?

I wonder…what about Braxton hicks? While I’m feeling as though I’m taking my very last earthly breath and holding onto my solid marbled ball of a stomach, are you getting your face smashed like a squirrel’s nuts stuck in a vice grip?

I wonder…

The most recent stats for the books:

  • Baking time: 31.5wks
  • cravings: beef. I’m not exactly sure where that came from or how long it will stay. But this is an unexpected yet welcome addition to my craving repertoire.
  • aversions: none. Honestly, the only thing that has been causing my morning sickness has been sleepless nights. This past week, I had a night w/ only 1hr of sleep…enter a day with 3, yes THREE, visits from the puke pixie. Stupid pixie. Bite me.
  • added inches to the precious waistline: 14.5″ – I’m not going there.
  • Lessons learned: “pregnancy note: sleep now, and you will never hold your pee”.