Week 31.5 | classic wondering through my mental drippings

Hello my ninja child.  I’ve been trying to imagine what life is like in that little personal utopian lagoon of yours.

Therefore, consider yourself privy to my most recent mental drippings…

I wonder…if you’ve had secret in utero lessons from Mr. Miyagi, b/c your kickboxing skills can make this momma wince as though there was a sick substitution from holding a popsicle to licking a high-voltage battery. Well done, grasshopper.

I wonder…what do you experience when momma tosses her proverbial (or not) cookies? Are you enjoying the roller coaster or does the sound of the rapidly stampeding exit of granola & yogurt make you want reach your hand through my belly button and flip me the bird?

I wonder…what about Braxton hicks? While I’m feeling as though I’m taking my very last earthly breath and holding onto my solid marbled ball of a stomach, are you getting your face smashed like a squirrel’s nuts stuck in a vice grip?

I wonder…

The most recent stats for the books:

  • Baking time: 31.5wks
  • cravings: beef. I’m not exactly sure where that came from or how long it will stay. But this is an unexpected yet welcome addition to my craving repertoire.
  • aversions: none. Honestly, the only thing that has been causing my morning sickness has been sleepless nights. This past week, I had a night w/ only 1hr of sleep…enter a day with 3, yes THREE, visits from the puke pixie. Stupid pixie. Bite me.
  • added inches to the precious waistline: 14.5″ – I’m not going there.
  • Lessons learned: “pregnancy note: sleep now, and you will never hold your pee”.

20 thoughts on “Week 31.5 | classic wondering through my mental drippings

  1. I heart you! And you are just as adorable as ever. Gosh the time is going by so quickly; not sure if you would agree with that statement but it seems like you just announced you were pregnant. Here’s to the puke pixie staying away for the remaining 8.5 weeks 🙂 Hugs to you!

    • yeah, the speed demon has refused to show its face during this pregnancy. I hear it’s much different when it’s a second pregnancy. But for now, it feels slower than watching a snail poop a skittle.
      But hey…it’s giving me enough time to freak out 😉

      Thanks for the loving…I’ll take every single bit of it, my sweetness!

  2. Wow – It’s amazing how big your tummy is now! I just looked at week 22 – only 10 weeks ago, and the difference is amazing.

    You’re looking fantastic 🙂 Not long now and Steeglette will be out on the town!

  3. i just love these posts! and look at that baby bump! you didn’t have anywhere to go but out, so don’t even worry about it–you look wonderful! can’t wait to see pics of the little peanut!

    • oh linds… said “bump” is more like mother earth’s vengeance. Some people look as though they swallowed a basket ball. I, on the other hand, have perfected the art of swallowing the goodyear blimp.
      All is well, though. “this is temporary”.

  4. Beautiful post. I craved juicy pear jelly bellies. Actually, I may have just been craving juicy pears, but since they were out of season … the jelly bellies made a nice substitute!

    Best of luck in the journey!


    • someday, becky…I’m going to force it to sit for hours as I interrogate it on the in utero experience. whether or not it will be effective….well, only time will tell.

  5. So wonderful and fresh! Thanks for sharing and brightening my day. My 15 yo.o. son just decided yesterday that he wants to go live with his dad next year because the schools are so much better (they are) but my heart is breaking this morning… You have helped me remember all the joy he has brough into my life and how proud I am that he is a loving, happy young man. Keep us posted!!

    • oh how difficult that decision had to be for your son and such a difficult thing to hear as a momma – I remember 15yo…and I’d never want to relive those years. I can’t imagine how much more difficult those years are when you’re the momma behind the teenager. I will pray for you and your family and the transitions you will be facing.
      I’m so thankful that this post gave you an opportunity to grab on to some of those memories.

      We’ll definitely keep you posted!!!

  6. You are hilarious cathi! This was such a joy to read. You use such unique and lovely language to chronicle this whole experience. And though I will never know what it’s like to deal with the Miyagi kicks and the justified(an honorable sacrifice , if I may add) increase to your waistline. I can empathize with sleepless nights and serious attacks of paternal cravings and what I call empathy weight gain.

    For three pregnancies I witnessed my wife go through the crazy adventure of carrying our beautiful babies and now they are well beyond the infant stage. You make this all so entertaining. So much so that I enjoy looking back and retracing our steps with a celebratory heart. Thank you for sharing your experience and mainly for sharing your fabulous use of language. I use you will well on the rest of your journey.

    God Bless,
    Jose Miguel

    • Wow Jose, what an amazing gift of encouragement this is!
      We decided to chronicle this journey as our online version of a baby book…something that the kiddo can be embarrassed of for years to come!

      I love the comment on paternal cravings and empathy weight gain…I may just have the hubs write his own account…why momma has to carry the entire burden in the kingdom of blogdom is unknown. I’m sure we can work on that.

      Congratulation to you on successfully managing through three pregnancies, three deliveries, and three times each of the crazy milestones! Bounty of blessings to you and your family!

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