Week 35 | initiating the descent

Well, steeglette of ours, after today’s appt, we now know you’ve started the long and lovely journey down the chute (momma’s beginning to ripen and dilated at 1). I was quite confident this was approaching, since every time I sneeze, it feels like you’re going to come flopping out like a greased guppy, which in itself would be a momentous occasion. This fear of your floppage also has initiated “the waddle”. This, my sweet one is the humble walk of a woman who is in the family way and afraid to pee in public. It’s sexy, I know.

In other news, your daddy-O slept on the couch last night due to my “heavy breathing”/code word for angel breath, I’m sure.

Oh, and we found out you’re approximately 7lbs 3oz today; although the accuracy can go at least a pound IN EITHER DIRECTION – child, if you come out the size of a teenager, I’m returning your for a new bike. And I don’t even like bikes.

  • Baking time: 35wks
  • cravings: nada. I still crave fruit…but there currently isn’t anything that would make me do a cartwheel in a tutu and flip flops in the sand. And I’m completely ok with that.
  • aversions: anything that can or may induce heartburn. They say that momma’s w/ heartburn have kids w/ lots of hair. Sorry to say, steeglette, you’re a gorilla.
  • added inches to the precious waistline: we’re still hovering around 14.5”, but we’ve begun the droppage, hence the looks of pity and hilarious comments about “popping”…which honestly do make me laugh – my active imagination goes places with the idea that I could deflate with the press of my now outie belly button.
  • Lessons learned: “There are few greater miraculous moments than the first time you see that baby”…courtesy of our gas station attendant.
see you soon!

2 thoughts on “Week 35 | initiating the descent

    • thank you, sweet friend!!!!
      i’m trying this “resting” thing…and am finding that boredom looks a lot like it – so I may or may not have attention defici-ooohh-shiny.

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