{a minor maternal caveat}


You may want to get used to your momma & daddyO navigating the mast of your life until you show the maturity and humor to take over the helm amidst these unpredictable waters interdependently…and we now begin the process of letting go.


a mini gr[attitude] PSA

if i’m grouchy…

feed me.

if i’m tired…

let me sleep.

if i’m self-centered & ask you to do things for me (i.e., feed me or let me sleep…)

smack me.

thank you.

A brief, albeit (significantly) delayed Welcome.

You were born.

5.5 mos ago.

Um. Surprise!

You were cut right out of me. I was split down the middle like a rigged interweb pole.

You looked like this (warning…graphic pic below taken while you were half water-dwelling mammal, half air-breathing awesomeness)

[shut it. I warned you.]

Your daddyO said this, “we have a son!”

And now, since I can’t give myself a homemade tummy tuck, I’m giving the wrinkles of this blog a minor face lift.

I can only dedicate mere microscopic moments to this waning yet reigning world of blogdom. And yes, while I am your momma, I am much more than just that. Therefore, “Among Other Things…in just a minute” found its birth a mere 5.5mos after you found yours.