A brief, albeit (significantly) delayed Welcome.

You were born.

5.5 mos ago.

Um. Surprise!

You were cut right out of me. I was split down the middle like a rigged interweb pole.

You looked like this (warning…graphic pic below taken while you were half water-dwelling mammal, half air-breathing awesomeness)

[shut it. I warned you.]

Your daddyO said this, “we have a son!”

And now, since I can’t give myself a homemade tummy tuck, I’m giving the wrinkles of this blog a minor face lift.

I can only dedicate mere microscopic moments to this waning yet reigning world of blogdom. And yes, while I am your momma, I am much more than just that. Therefore, “Among Other Things…in just a minute” found its birth a mere 5.5mos after you found yours.



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