side door

Did you ever notice that door-to-door sales people only go to the front door? It’s b/c only good friends come through the side door. Therefore, here’s your introduction to me – let’s be friends!

I’m Cathi. I get my kicks from laughing w/ people till I either cry or run for the bathroom. I like lime in my water, don’t like cream in my coffee, lived minutes from the beach in south florida and only went 5 times; launched 3 churches in 3 years; my feet are always freezing; I love hearing stories of how God’s done amazing things in the lives of the people around me, and I like to make mark smile.

[ps…check out his blog...he’s my superhero!]


17 thoughts on “side door

  1. So wonderful to meet you formally! I love your blog and am really enjoying your thoughts. Hope to share more with you 🙂 Love and blessings!

    PS Your hubby and you are adorable!

  2. Thanks gch! I do like my hubby…just a little 😉
    And, no worries, I grew up w/ a friend who was hyper-grammar sensitive, so it just gives me a good sense of nostalgia.
    Can’t wait to dig into your thoughts through your blog too!

  3. even though i’m quickly coming to the realization that i will never fully understand how your brain works and will be continuously surprised by what leaks out of it, i’m still trying to forgive you for the PAINFULLY LIMITED number of times you went to the beach, neighbor.

  4. Oh Mandy…didn’t you read my post on OCD? I don’t like sand in my house, so it was much cleaner to go to the pool in our development and come home to clean floors…it’s sad, I know, but hey, I saved money on swiffer wipes!

    But I promise, if we are ever neighbors in florida again, we will DEFINITELY wear out our section of the beach in South Florida, DEFINITELY!!!

  5. Hi Cathi. Found your blog through Mandy’s. I think I’m going to enjoy your stuff 🙂

    I’ll be back…not in the scary, stalking kind of way, but maybe.

    Is that okay?

  6. Hi Cindy! I’m totally ok w/ stealing Mandy Mac’s readership 🙂
    and stalk all you want, they don’t call me stegall the stalker for nothing! 😉

    I’m hopping over to visit your brain on the web now!

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