how to…prepare for the 800 weddings this summer

Operation Summer ’08 Weddings

How do you decide what to wear to the 800 weddings this nuptial season? You do a fashion show/photo op with one of your most beautimous friends, of course!


how to…become a SUPER STAR

How to become a SUPER STAR:

  1. View the video below
  2. Practice for the next few weeks
  3. Impress all your friends at the 12 dozen weddings this summer
  4. Quickly become the star of the party
  5. Find yourself as the winner of Dancing w/ the Stars
  6. Be forever indebted to Cathi Stegall for her willingness to share this information to make the world a better place

you’re welcome!

how to….Cathi’s #1 indispensable blog rule

500 words or less.

That’s my central obligatory rule. There are hundreds of rules out there for blogging, for instance, you don’t pull on superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t have ungodly long subject lines and you always provide an external link as “open in new window”. Nevertheless, the one and only blogging rule I find of greatest consequence is never to post a post that is post 500 words. I read enough in my career as a perpetual student, so when I succumb to so-called “brain candy”, that’s just what I want – short and sweet with a crackly wrapper.
Now, I know that I rarely ever answer the end-of-post question…however, I’m curious, do you have an indispensable blog rule you find vital, critical, essential, and a requisite to everything you consider to be blogging?
[total words: 137]

how to…your words or mine? a tool for checking plagiarism

Check out this site I received from the college admin.

Using this site, all we as professors have to do is take a few sentences from the document and toss them into the appropriate spaces. Wa-bam, innocence or guilt is immediately evident.

It’s a good thing when you’re teaching
It’s a tool when you’re writing
Trust me; I’ll be sure to use this when grading papers AND when writing them.

How many of our papers from high school would have passed this test?

how to…Rank 190,434,783 {20/25}



In my research on hunger and poverty, I came across this website created by a dandy cup of creative juices from across the pond in London. Meet Poke. They created the Global Rich List to “challenge people’s perception of their personal wealth.” This is an interactive site where you choose your national currency, enter your annual income…


…and with the magic of the webosphere, within seconds you are shown Your Rich List Position. This summarizes where you rank globally, gives a comparative abstract of your standing and shows what difference you could make for those in need. You may not feel like it, but compared to the poor in Uganda, Haiti or Mali, you are among one of the richest people in the world. I certainly hadn’t considered myself one of the top 4 %.
My favorite part about this site is the opportunity to link and donate to a charity, which changes regularly. So, visit the site, see where you rank, and after your few minutes of shame, donate some of your wealth to the supported charity or one of your choosing.


//countdown to launch 19 more posts to go


how to…life map {2008}

For one of my jobs, we had to document a Spiritual Growth Plan for 2008 [I bet you know which job that was]. I’ve completed similar forms in the academic arena. Note, my Academic Professional Development Plan was indeed a glimpse into the future…however, it looked more like a train wreck waiting to happen rather than an annual record citing a fervor [i.e., compulsion] for success and accomplishment. On the contrary, this exercise was one of significance and value while it prompted introspection and clarity of mind. Since I lack the basic boundaries in the sharing of such information via this here weblog – I’ve decided to step up the notch on this debatable accountability notion and reveal my documented plan!

Life Purpose

…to do justly…to love mercy…and to walk humbly with my God. {ref. micah 6.8

Personal Mission Statement

By God’s grace, I strive for continuous personal growth with passion, boldness, and creativity through new experiences, skills, and knowledge. I exhibit integrity and compassion in all aspects of my life and seek a positive impact on my world, my community, my friends, my family, and myself. To these ends, I have my husband to encourage me and share my adventure, my God and my faith to ground me, a healthy lifestyle to extend and enhance my experience of life, and simplicity to avoid distractions from what is important.

I will continue to live life as a human made in God’s image, honoring the spirituality, creativity and humanity around me, while encouraging, helping and guiding others to do the same.

Core Values

  1. Spiritual Awareness — To Be Conscious
  2. Meaningful Relationships in connection with others
  3. The Pursuit of Knowledge and Meaningful Experiences
  4. The Impact through Inspiration and Influence
  5. The Significance of Christ-like Service

Specific Goals for 2008

  1. To show in my thoughts and my actions that Christ is number one in my life by talking to Him often and hearing His voice through His Word, His Spirit, His creation and the encouragement of others
  2. To purposefully walk in His presence by acknowledging Him and developing a clearer awareness of His activity in my daily life
  3. To conscientiously guard the small and few moments I get to spend with Mark
  4. To use time in my car to develop relationships by calling friends or family
  5. To maintain good stewardship of this shell God’s given me by exercising often and eating regular, healthy meals
  6. To engage in continual worship on a daily basis and weekly in community
  7. To create an atmosphere of praise all around me by exuding Christ’s likeness in patience, meekness, creativity and integrity
  8. To continue giving regularly to CVC/Church of the Hills and our missionary friends
  9. To speak of Christ boldly at school and at work, while petitioning for courage and wisdom on what to say and when to say it
  10. To find at least 10 minutes each day to revel in God’s creation, breathing in His beauty and appreciating His sovereignty, creativity and sense of humor in my life