Fallen off the blog-waggon

I suppose I must provide an explanation or confession, apology, disclosure or even an acknowledgment of my severe absence around me.com…

Here she goes…a friend recently told me this quote…I embody it:

If you want something done, give it to a busy person.

that’s it…that’s the explanation. I’m on winter break…I’m leaving for sunny south florida tomorrow morning at 5:30 am…I will be away from easy access internet until nearly 2009…we may stop at a St. Big Bucks for an intermittent withdrawal assessment…and one of those fine red holiday cups of pure wonder.

there she goes.


Kermit vs. Mother Goose

In the north corner of the ring:

Poor Kermit

This recent Purdue University study revealed that frogs were killed most often on one stretch of American highway [9,800 amphibian deaths!]

In the south corner of the ring:

Mother Goose gets preferential treatment

This soundless video shows the bees knees treatment while crossing such a highway…police escort and all!

The uncanny reality…how would this story have changed, had the frogs gotten the same preferential treatment? Hmmmm?

here’s the skinny…US strategy for fighting global hunger

The American people are generous people, and they’re compassionate people…We believe in a timeless truth: to whom much is given, much is expected
/President Bush, responding to US food aid on May 1, 2008

“Timeless” is the key word here. This proposal for more global food aid is a long awaited rescue…sort of like a knight in shining armor, who, when he lifts his helmet, is 95 years old and smells like formaldehyde and pickles b/c he got lost on his way there.

Here’s the scoop:

NY Times Article
USA Today Article

Why support the Y? Because that’s what we do best!

A crew of us from Church of the Hills spent the morning at the Nordonia Hills YMCA’s 5k and 1 mile Fun Run. My nephew and I were on water patrol. After our crash course in proper water dispensary etiquette, we manned our appropriate stations at mile markers throughout Nordonia to cheer on the runners and distribute paper cones brimming with ice water. Good experience, yes.

According to cleveland.com’s article and the Y’s Director of Program Operations Ian Roberts, this 5k and Fun Run was to inaugurate the latest name change and escort in a more focused approach to it’s mission. Ian is a nice guy – very down to earth and quite excited about this first annual 5k to support the Y.

A large part of Mark’s successful weight loss is attributed to the gym at the Nordonia Hills YMCA – he’s there nearly 5 days a week, running 3-5 miles – what a man!

This isn’t Church of the Hills first time working alongside the Nordonia Hills YMCA. We’ve had teams working the grounds, helping build their playground, including a ropes course and climbing wall, and now can say we have two of our key leaders on staff! We like the Y. I’m sure this isn’t the last of our adventures with them.

So, want to know what you can do? Go to your local YMCA and see how you can help. They’re nice. They’ll like it. You’ll have fun. The end.

NADER: persistence is key…i guess {21/25}

some people just never give up…his mom would be proud

I suppose that the “third time’s a charm”!


the bbc article

the cnn article

the ny times article

the washington post article

the la times article

And what’s news w/o adding an article from The Onion. This one is from the archives of 2004 – a parody of Nader’s Platform:

//countdown to launch 20 more posts to go