escape exit

videos are captured moments. it’s true.

videos posted on are captured moments with an escape exit for the faint and not-so-faint at heart.

This here is the result of an accumulation of videos posted throughout the life of, from the most recent venture to the very first attempt at iMovie.

*minor caveat: watching all of these will take you longer than watching the entire first season of Lost. you have been warned.


2 thoughts on “escape exit

  1. Wish I had time to watch all of these! You certainly have a special gift. The gift to give out joy. Your essence comes through so genuinely.

    You reminded me of a special girl my family and I saw at Target one time. My wife and 3 kids saw this little girl, maybe about 9 years old, walking around wearing the most vibrant colors, staying a safe distance away from her mother, or maybe her mom was trying to keep up. The girl had a roll of brown paper towels in her hand. As she passed people she took her other hand and wrote something on the paper towel, “God loves you”. the message was one thing, but it was her smile, hey glow that made our day. My kids were much smaller then and their faces lit up as she gave each of them their own little piece of paper.

    May God Bless you and Mark always. Hope you keep passing out paper towels.

    BTW, Love this vlog setup, I think you just inspired me to start a section like that on my own site. I think I will use my vimeo account that I’ve barely touched.

    i look forward to reading and watching more of your adventures.

    • how fun is that!!! We just may have to take the paper towel and vlog idea and combine them…maybe a vlog to come…but definitely AFTER the arrival of the kiddo, b/c seriously, i may drop the kid right out in the middle of target.

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